At Wildside, our goal is to provide an exciting, fun, and safe environment for your dog’s adventure.  Before joining the pack, all dogs must meet certain temperament, health and medical requirements.

Leslie will meet with you and your dog to determine if he or she is right for Wildside. All dogs are accepted on a trial basis. Leslie will work with all dogs to make them feel comfortable in the pack. However, if your dog’s behavior is negatively affecting the pack, he/she will no longer be able to join the daycare group.

All dogs must have current vaccinations including bordatella and a negative fecal test within the last six months. Dogs must be flea-free and we recommend an ongoing flea treatment. All dogs must be free of any health conditions which could potentially jeopardize other pack members for a minimum of two weeks.

All dogs must be neutered or spayed and should have a current license and ID on collar.

In the event of a health emergency, Wildside will immediately contact the owner to determine what course of action to take. If we cannot make contact with you, we will take your dog to your designated vet or one of our preferred vets in Redmond, Woodinville or Clearview.

To schedule an interview, please fax completed application form to 360-668-3465 and call Leslie at 425-984-4934.