Credit: Bill Curtsinger, National Geographic Collection/Getty


" ... work can wait another 30 minutes. There are more important things to do. Like throwing sticks."

We understand there are times in your hectic life when you can't do it all. Between the demands of family and work, there is often little time left for yourself, let alone your best friend. The 20 minute walk in the evening just doesn't do it after waiting for you to get home all day.

You know that owning living with a dog is a privilege and you want him/her to have the best. Even with a great back yard and all the amenities, your dog needs more. Tall grass, new smells, water, balls to chase, trails to explore, and most of all, buddies. Fun, freedom, friends, places to go and butts to smell. Life is good!

Dogs thrive in groups. It is in their basic instinct to want to run with the pack. Despite all the domestication we have imposed over thousands of years, every dog still retains a link to his ancestors and his primal nature...... his Wildside.

With the pack, dogs exhibit their natural social behavioral skills. They get along extremely well. Rarely do they fight despite their size and breed. When they are with us they can forget about territoriality and protecting their owner. They can run free and enjoy the moment.

After a day of running with the Wildside gang your best friend will return home healthier and happier.

"They have cradled you in custom,
they have primed you with their preaching,
They have soaked you in convention through and through;
They have put you in a showcase; you're a credit to their teaching --
But can't you hear the Wild? -- it’s calling you."

- Robert Service